Users exchange certificate names, and instantly get secure, private and directly-connected networks.

Creating secure network connections between separate environments or organisations is painful. Days, sometimes weeks can be required to setup connections which may only be needed for short periods of time. Our technology makes it easy to setup, and throw away secure connections.

From enabling co-operative communication in Government, legal or commercial sectors, to lashing together coalition forces, disaster relief agencies and rapid response units into short lived and highly secure communication enclaves for task or project-specific operations; The use cases for quick to deploy, instant-on, secure and easy to use communications are extensive.

Intellectual Property

Our core technology is a communications protocol which allows parties sharing only minimal knowledge of one another to rapidly establish mutually-authenticated, secure and directly connected communication on an IP network.

The system combines a novel means of exchanging public keys with peer-to-peer connections so as to fully abstract end-users from the complexity of public key exchange, and common obstacles to direct connectivity such as network address translation (NAT) and firewall traversal.

We make it easy to build in which users and systems can freely form secure, transient, directly connected communities of interest with minimal friction.


Analogous to TLS, our protocol describes how to build encrypted, self-governing and interoperable communities of interest on the public Internet.


Westgate's cross platform software development kit (SDK) provides a reference implementation of our protocol. Developers and third parties can integrate our technology directly into their code using the SDK.


Built using our SDK, Enclave is a modern, flexible and easy to use tool for creating transient, secure and private overlay networks in a matter of seconds without having to change the underlying network.

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