We help business and public sector bodies understand and overcome emerging cyber security threats, and believe in adopting more preventative methods to deal with cyber crime which lower complexity barriers to secure and effective digital communication. Our experienced senior team engage directly with our clients and we pride ourselves on our ability to substantially reduce the risk of our clients falling victim to cyber attacks.

Senior management needs an overview of the cyber threat. This applies to the general risk profile of a business and to the training requirements.

Westgate undertakes executive training on a bespoke basis delivered by our directors. Sometimes this is designed to highlight risk and governance, sometimes to address specific awareness. By improving your awareness we can substantially reduce the risk of your organisation falling victim to cyber attacks. We deliver programmes and short courses covering topics from digital hygiene and assurance through to data governance and control.

We have developed what we believe to be the most effective cyber security awareness seminars and short courses on the market. We track and analyse our suite of education and training services to deliver effective and tailored white-label cyber security campaigns with demonstrable impact to meet the needs of our clients, often focusing on complex topics such as risk awareness, behaviour change, threat actor understanding, and information loss.