Rapidly deploy secure private networks in hostile environments.


Westgate Cyber Security is a UK-based company engaged in the research and development of new computer security technologies, and board-level cyber security risk awareness training.



Our technology is a patent-application backed communication protocol which allows parties sharing only minimal knowledge of one another to rapidly establish mutually-authenticated, secure and directly connected communication channels.

The architecture combines a novel means of establishing peer-to-peer networks in such a way as to fully abstract end-users from the complexity of public key exchange, and common obstacles to establishing direct connectivity such as NAT traversal.

We make it easy for developers to create software in which users and systems can freely form transient, secure, and directly connected communities of interest with minimal friction - qualities particularly suited to deployment in unpredictable scenarios where flexible, but robust and highly secure communication channels are required at short notice.

From enabling co-operative communication in Government, legal or commercial sectors, to lashing together coalition forces, disaster relief agencies or computer networks into short lived and highly secure enclaves for task or project-specific operations; The opportunities and use cases for secure, instant-on, easy to use and simple to deploy digital communications are extensive.

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Contact Us

David Jones - CEO

David is an experienced CEO with two successful exits in 2005 and 2016. He has also worked with several technology organisations on both strategy, investment and governance. David has advisory roles with Welsh Government, specialising in digital technologies and is also a frequent commentator on emerging technologies in the broadcast media and digital media.

In his spare time, David is researching the Welsh roots of Richard Wagner, with a pitiful level of success.


David Notley - CFO

David Notley is a highly experienced Board level management consultant with a proven track record in management training, corporate strategy and finance and an expert in advising technology businesses.

Following a career in international M&A and venture capital, David Notley founded and invested in a number of technology and professional services businesses. David currently advises high growth tech businesses and delivers Government sponsored support programmes.


Marc Barry - CTO

Marc is a Master's graduate in Information Security who builds, researches and secures computer networks. He has worked extensively with internet-based technologies, encryption and digital assurance, spending several years prior to Westgate leading the security and infrastructure team of a large UK based digital media agency, delivering solutions to Government and enterprise.