The problem

Today our applications and networks are complex arrangements of interconnected, highly centralised hub-and-spoke architectures- the costs, challenges and administrative demands of which are well known.

Organisations invest large sums of money to aggregate bandwidth, storage, power, cooling and compute capacity into locked rooms, adoptting a "higher walls, bigger guns" approach to securing what's inside.

Security policies are deployed at the perimeter, distrustful of anything outside the network, and often end up distrustful of internal systems too; yet our computer systems remain vulnerable to compromise, our networks remain inflexible and change resistant, and to fix it we add more security to the perimeter.


A decentralised approach to communication

Our ElasticSockets architecture represents a shift towards peer-to-peer first topologies, supplementing the centralised client-server model with fully connected mesh networks, and dynamic swarms to deliver micro-segmented communities of interest. Instead of building fixed purpose and long lived networks, ElasticSockets enables the deployment of ad-hoc short-lived computer networks for virtually any task or purpose.

Communication between participants of an ElasticSockets network is direct, mutually-authenticated and always encrypted. The ElasticSockets architecture provides a virtual overlay network, transparent to existing software, and invisible to the outside world.

Our patent-pending suite of technologies which comprise the ElasticSockets architecture collectivley overcome common obstacles to direct and secure communication such as endpoint discovery, NAT traversal and PKI management and our novel approach to key exchange delivering a powerful technology which can deploy highly usable secure software-defined networks at a moments notice.



State of development


ElasticSockets is the name of our concept, approach and patent-pending technology. It is a peer-to-peer first communications protocol for establishing communities of interest on the Internet

We use the term ElasticSockets to refer to our open protocol and specification documents which describe how to build the components of the system.

Enclave (SDK)

Enclave is a cross-platform, embeddable data-agnostic transport library which implements the ElasticSockets protocol, allowing third party developers to build and deploy applications using our technology.

Enclave allows quick integration of peer discovery, direct connectivity, and robust authenticated encryption capabilities into any application.

Enclave VPN

Enclave VPN is a modern, secure, flexible and easy to use private networking application.

Built using Enclave to be a devops and automation friendly VPN; Enclave VPN is capable of creating protected virtual overlay networks in seconds of almost any size for secure and effective micro-segmentation.


Enclave (SDK)

Enclave SDK is a cross-platform, embeddable data-agnostic transport library which implements the ElasticSockets protocol. It allows developers to build flexible networked applications which can communicate anywhere on the internet with strong authentication, encrypted data privacy and discovery capabilities baked-in.

Use our SDK to secure any type of data flow, from datacentre applications and cloud connected software to IoT devices and wearables.

Comprehensive Security

Westgate Cyber Security has developed a novel and patent pending method of public key exchange using state of the art cryptographic primitives and perfect forward secrecy. The library allows an application's end-users, with minimal knowledge of one another to quickly and securely establish mutually-authenticated and direct communication with no technical knowledge or complex supporting infrastructure.

libEnclave exposes this capability to developers in the form of an embeddable, cross-platform library.

Easy to integrate and deploy

Enclave can be used to create applications which exchange email, text, documents, images, telepresence & video, geo-spatial data. It can also be used to setup virtual private networks, establish digital collaborative working environments, or any combination thereof.

The target markets for Enclave represent a broad range of area's ranging from supporting information exchange between Governments, security services, coalition forces in theatre through to disaster response and relief agencies, legal professionals, corporate IT teams and CSIRTs - seamlessly sharing secure encrypted data.


Enclave VPN

Create virtual overlay networks of almost any size for secure and efficient micro-segmentation.

Data doesn't need to travel thousands of miles and back to reach centralised servers in order for local conversations to take place. Instant VPN uses peer-to-peer networking technology to instantly establish direct connections between devices, replacing the management complexity, provisioning burden and inflexibility of traditional mainstream centralised VPN products.

Secure compartmentalisation

Create a virtual backplane network of any shape and size to link your entire infrastructure, or parts of it, together on a single, common, virtual overlay network in minutes. Use simple and consistent network addressing to join physical servers, virtual machines, containers and end-users across data centre, provider, and location boundaries with no complex infrastructure to purchase, power, cool, configure, maintain or warranty.

Reliable simplicity

Westgate Cyber Security's endpoint-based VPN software uses a patent pending technology called ElasticSockets which allows instant setup and tear down of secure encrypted networks between cooperating parties.

Instant VPN is a new type of API driven virtual private network technology that anticipates the automation and devops practises found in the modern datacentre.

Establish secure, zero-configuration, mutually-authenticated virtual overlay networks in seconds with no technical knowledge or complex infrastructure.