Westgate Cyber Security


Westgate Cyber Security is a UK-based company helping business and public sector bodies understand and overcome emerging cyber security threats, and we believe in adopting more preventative methods to deal with cyber crime. Our experienced senior team engage directly with our clients and we pride ourselves on our ability to substantially reduce the risk of our clients falling victim to cyber attacks. For more information on how we could help you, please get in touch.


Westgate have developed a method of allowing parties with minimal knowledge of one another to quickly and securely establish zero configuration, mutually-authenticated and direct communication channels, requiring no technical knowledge of cryptography or complex supporting infrastructure.

Our method overcomes common obstacles to establishing direct connections on the internet such as NAT traversal and abstracts the complexity of public key exchange, allowing multiple parties to connect directly in a friction-free experience for the end-user. We achieve this without significant infrastructure to support to the communication or complexity for the end-user. These qualities mean our method is particularly suited to deployment in unpredictable scenarios where flexible, but robust and highly secure communication channels are required at short notice.


From enabling co-operative communication in Government, legal or commercial sectors, to lashing together coalition forces, disaster relief agencies or computer networks into short lived, highly secure enclaves for task-specific operations; The opportunities and use cases for secure, instant-on, and easy to deploy digital communications are extensive.

Proof of concept

Our proof-of-concept is a networking tool called Instant VPN. Built using our method and protocol, end-users can quickly create secure, flexible, layer-2 virtual private networks between computer systems in seconds with no technical knowledge.